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Exact Change Strategies (ECS) is a dynamic, forward-thinking company focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Utilizing an agile, accurate and accelerated methodology that begins with envisioning, our proven approach allows customers to create, build and realize their strategic vision. ECS’s highly skilled, creative team members bring subject matter expertise (SME) and key information into the development cycle to drive tangible ROI critical for business success.

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ECS will help you produce comprehensive benefits and compelling, effective results.

Complete Custom
Performance Management
System Design

Content Mastery Training
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Custom Report

Web Based Data Base Implementation and Reconfiguration

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The ECS team has been great to work with;

their expertise in the ETO system has been obvious throughout our projects. They have a skilled team and a network of contacts as resources. And they’re super friendly, responsive and easy to ask questions to. Because of their direct service experience, they can explain technical concepts and make the system very accessible, less intimidating for staff who are new to working with database software.

Rainbow Services • San Pedro, CA

The ECS team is very patient,

which is good if you’re new to this type of work. It was extremely helpful to have them walk through this project with us and help us figure out how to build a system that meets our goals. We only have so many resources. We want to use them wisely. So measuring our efforts and outcomes in the most efficient way possible is key. It is good to know that with ETO we can do just that. We’re making a difference in the way we planned! We thank ECS for that.

Gary Comer Youth Center • Chicago, IL

ECS has a lot of different and important insights

on how program evaluation works, which can be helpful to many organizations. … They have changed how we look at our programs. They have helped us create custom reports that we can provide to our staff so they can discover what they have been doing well and what they can change to do better. Reports were also created for outside stakeholders and funders. These reports will help us climb to the next level with data driven information, goals and results.

Branches, Inc. • Miami, FL

I would absolutely recommend Exact Change Strategies

to other organizations. I would tell them that you’re going to get a lot of value for your money, and you will have a better understanding of the product you’re buying if you use a custom implementation team like them instead of just the standard. We plan on a long relationship with ECS as we continue to assess and identify new ways to capture information and outcomes. We’re not done with them!

Jewish Family Service • Greater Dallas

Exact Change Strategies is an excellent organization

that understands the non-profit sector, data and outcomes. The technical assistance and support provided allowed our organization to build a much better ETO product and an improved return on investment.

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Very pleased with the services provided by ECS…

very useful troubleshooting and brainstorming partners… the scale of the issue was much larger than we anticipated.

Youth Empowerment Project • New Orleans, LA

The ECS team is highly competent, responsive and very easy and pleasant to work with.

You can’t really ask for more than that! They’re worth every penny. You’re essentially paying for their time to devote to the stuff that you can’t do. You’d pay for it in time otherwise, so it’s a worthy investment for any organization. ECS was persistent and patient with us. Data isn’t our full time job; we have many competing priorities and they had the brains, expertise, and depth of experience to create short cuts for us.

City Of Cambridge Office Of Workforce Development

Friendly, highly responsive and have excellent technical skills.

Willing to seek support if needed…and negotiate any issues. Custom report support was vital in working with our data bridge. Coaching has been enormously helpful as we extend our model and work to implement best practices.

Austin Independent School District • Austin, TX

We really liked the ECS Performance Management Framework process.

We talked to at least 6 other possible consultants and this approach stood out. The tipping point for us is the diversity of experience on the ECS team. They have ETO experts who actually helped to build the software and team members who have experience as nonprofit leaders.

New Moms • Chicago, IL

I would definitely recommend

[ECS] for training and for brainstorming ways to help staff figure out what they actually need and articulate that. When you’re in human services and working with data people, it sometimes can feel like we’re speaking people-wise and they’re speaking software-wise, but ECS understands what we’re saying and can use the same language back to us. It doesn’t feel like we’re speaking different languages.

New Communities Initiative • Washington, DC

The biggest thing to say about ECS is that they’re effective.

When given a task, they get it done. It’s great to know we have an established relationship with a dependable resource when we need support for performance or data management. They understand our organization and the staff using the system. And they have great personalities, are fun to work with, and they’re productive.

Goodwill Industries Of The Chesapeake • Baltimore, MD

We really needed an individualized approach.

We couldn’t find anyone doing the same thing as us, we were really building something new. There was no template to follow. And it needed to be a collaborative process with a partner who could understand our group and the local dynamics. ECS has been attuned to these dynamics, dedicated, and flexible. That has been critical to our progress.

Opportunity Youth Data Sharing Council • New Orleans, LA

I would call Exact Change Strategies caped crusaders or superheroes!

We had 9 organizations signed up for a training series on ETO Results and two days before it was supposed to start, the trainer backed out. ECS jumped right in. I really respected their integrity and customer service. It was a breath of fresh air. They were patient, attuned to our needs, and even found errors from a previous consultant that saved us money. We would turn to them again in a heartbeat.

Massachusetts Alliance Of Boys & Girls Clubs

They were pleasant to work with

and delivered a good product–a logic model pointing towards our desired outcomes and impact. It gives us a map to use for aligning our services and products towards maximum outcome achievement.

Sims Foundation • Austin, TX